• " Maybe Some Google Adsense "Earnings" Stabilized And Now An Actual Number ? "


    ( Maybe something like a "rough draft" at the moment .. ? )


    Maybe.. maybe.. after having encountered... maybe not...

    having encountered.. something along the lines of..

    something like Google Adsense "Estimated Earnings" being a varying number.. disappearing.. and appearing.. maybe from something like 0 to various numbers..

    maybe after having encountered something like that.. maybe not.. there now being a number there that has stayed there for more than 2 days ?

    Maybe... also maybe not for sure about this.. but maybe I believe this could be.. may be.. might be something that happened..

    so... maybe.. after days of varying numbers.. disappearing.. and reappearing amounts.. changing amounts.. a number being there.. and a number that has been there for maybe at least a couple days..

    Maybe.. maybe not also..

    Maybe something I've never encountered..