• " 600 SB Starz Sign Up Through Swagbucks ? "


    ( Maybe something like a "rough draft" at the moment.. ? )


    Maybe so far.. maybe also not.. not my experience at all..


    600 SB not showing up as pending in Swagbucks like Hulu did.. no email about SB being on the way or pending.. and not showing up in Swagbucks as pending in a certain kind of a way..

    maybe.. ?

    To my understanding at this current time..

    no pending SB showing up in a certain kind of a way.. no email about this like Hulu..

    ... 600 SB for a sign up?

    Sign up done.. complete..

    no pending SB or email about this so far?

    Maybe as of around 20 minutes or so now?


    ( Swagbucks Sign Up Link ? )

    ( https://www.swagbucks.com/refer/writetoenlight )